Share your story. From the visual to audio, express your mojo. Allow others to comment on your work and give words of love to your project. Photographs, paintings, sculpture, music, video, animation, poetry and all types of expression are encouraged to submit.

Create to find peace.

Connect and Participate.

Feel free to use the form below to ask any questions or send whatever comments or concerns you may have.

Submission Guidelines

We care about your story. What inspired this art? How did it help you? Why does it speak to you? Please include some written material in form of an explanation, story, description, or personal experience. We want the art to both speak and inspire others.

MonkMe is a visual online magazine. All submissions will have at least one photo/image attached.  If a photo is not attached, one of our images will be used. This will allow us to display art on our visual online magazine.

Please submit videos under ten minutes in length. Any longer projects will be considered by quality and content. Please contact us for special delivery instructions.

YouTube/Google Account
If you have a Youtube/Google Account, we can embed the video onto MonkMe. In order to upload your video, you must have a valid YouTube account. Please visit Youtube for more details.

Quality and Content
We currently release online issues 1x per month. Though we would love to accept all submissions, we reserve the right to deny any work of art that breaks MonkMe’s theme of expression and healing. Please consult our Terms of Use for information for collective rights.

If you are interested in participating in our next issue, feel free to email us directly at