I just keep trying…


*photo by Kim/written by phong

I just keep on trying,
but in this crying and dying of underlying fear
I reckon I simply lost the path once near
Step and stumble, I fumble about
Trying to figure who I am
Without a doubt or clout,
I scam but clam to the pressures of weight
That humans take on to create our fate
Oscillate co facilitate the weakened state
Of who I try to be
I just want to be free
But in the end lost to everyone
Including me

This the question that leads me down a
A dark dark road
In my confession I must heed my frowns
That turn me to warty toad
Lighted lessons that seed my crown
Are buried beneath riddled code

Success in a mindset
Stress in the kindness
Bliss in the match set

Be me be me
See free
Bleed three
Forgive me

For I forgot to be me
Caught in the riots
Fought with the pious
I failed to root my trees

Microscope or telephoto
Can I cope or must I follow
The crooked path most trance
In the mudded wrath they pitifully dance
Around the thorny rose

It flows as I flow
With little in the know
I jump
For I slumped

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