fussing in dreams


*photo by Madeleine S./written by phong


I fuss and I fuss
For life to come to,
Though I am aware
Of the jungle madness of
Self restraint and focus
I know not of a year
That I did not stray

And as I look to and wait
as the hand always ticks
For when is always inevitable
That the days pass and pass
To another moment
Of wasted anguish

We all want,
when we have
that which is needed
And the overbearing weight
dances on knives
In a precarious balance
Of human uselessness

I have forgotten my spirit
Lie wasted in empty stomach
Lack of passion, full of life
I speak to all the others
But never to my own soul

Imaginary games
Of superhero deeds
Flying and soaring with magical wit
Creating a jones for peace
And thirst for betterment

Who is to say
Who is right or wrong
Must you judge
For no one knows
But we all want balance in normalcy

But we have no understanding
Of what is to be,
Of what is now
And of what may come
Of just dreams and schemes

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