emotions and planks

Minolta DSC

*photo by Dave/written by phong

The words jump inside
this pitiful brain,
a jelly bean of a conscious,
a pebble of a conscience.
Vibrating echoes of nonsense
a slap of machismo
to cheek.

Urges of raw anger,
built upon hatred of
one’s own image,
rid us of our innocent
youthful ways of
Flood gates ripped open
heaving lumbers of wood
aside to be cast

The breathing mass of
energy Light
outward to warm all
within a distance
of no distance.
The spirit branches
and leaves
empty the vessels of
carcass and planks.

Fortune favors
the illegitimate forces
of true understanding
that many falter in
and Perseverance.
The tornado thunders with
Falling angst
and loveless drops.

the sun will always rise.

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