Distinguish and Differentiate

*photo by phong/written by phong

The empty lures
Bait us with such passion
In the compassion of man,
Spanning from the action of
In haste we jump forward
Towards the Light never sure
The demure of origin itself…

Shelved away in the pass of time
Climbing spans of decayed grass
Astray from our own histories
Flown into mysteries of
Broken rhyme

Incredulous, the unjust who bleed
To rust and lust in credence
Of no understanding, the wee chance
Of landing on the expanding mind
Elevating us from the blind
Maligned confined by the worth of

Port from sole, short of
We transpire with caution
In dire deeds we all shun
the creation undone.
Each path in aftermath
Aftertaste in wrath of
Interlaced and eventually replaced
With life in Soul, plenty

Only if fought for
Never blindly given to the lackluster
Who cluster driven unkindly for
Materials sought more.
Comfort and lack thereof
Flirt with the paining hurt
Shove the staining tears of Love
Towards the endless desert

Friendless, but adored
A world of only one
Begun from sun
Curled around the chord
But now sung.

Distinguish and
The dire dormant
Demons that hide in our deep tunnels
Digging at the deliberations of
Dark or Light.
Actualized by the accents of
Action, accounted by the peaceful
Alienation of the Unnecessary and Aloof
Absent from the Always and Change.


For many take flight
Only to recite the same lines
Of their confinement from their
Dull shine and misalignment
Lambs sacrificed
Of their own enticing cud
Scammed in mud
The revelation of
Or piper
For salvation

Meanings lost
In concept understood in heart
Winds that flow
Never exhaust
to impart…

These messages bestowed
Although not alone
Just know.
Brother crow
Sister hawk
Walk along to and fro.

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