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MonkMe is the story of evolution. Though this story had started lifetimes ago, there is a desire to share it now.

MonkMe is a mind, body and soul magazine focused on healing through expressions of art. Publishing an issue per month, we use all forms of art to express our stories and inner truths with each other. Art is universal. Our community caters to our members and their desire to give. Our members submit their personally created displays of art to share and connect. Our community goal is to help one another heal by unconditional support and love.

Why Monk? No we aren’t supposed to live and meditate in caves. Most of us have lives, family, and social purpose. The term Monk no longer implies boredom and chastity. The modern Monk live in health, joy and inner peace. It’s about having fun, being young, and connecting with others. It’s about living life. It’s about being free.

Who am I? Who are you? Let’s find out.

There is no judgement or criticism. If a single word helps a single person, then this project will be successful. If a single note or voice soothes just one soul, then any effort will be rewarded by love. We all play this game of life. Why fight each other? We have enough battles.

Instead let’s support each other on these emotional roller coasters. Love each other unconditionally. Let go of judgements. Understand to be understood. You are an extension of us. We love you as you are. It is safe to Be.

Anything and everything is art. Let your imagination guide you to the emotions in your soul. Spark the light of inspiration. Follow our lead as we follow yours.

MonkMe will also share the story of a simple man on the search for enlightenment, bliss, and God. The meaning of God cannot be described in our archaic human language. But within our spirituality, perhaps we can take a glimpse of the grandiose nature of the Universe. This is not about religion. This is what is beyond our own knowledge, the thirst for the metaphysical truth of who we are and why we are here.

I will share my journey through experiences, relationships, and more importantly the blessings of the Divine that guides me to deeper realms of awareness.  From doubts to knowing, an unfiltered voice through art and expression will help soothe my soul. It is what I am supposed to do. So thus I share.

Join us. We are because you are. We may not have it all together but together we have it all. We embrace you with loving arms.

This is our safe haven to be free, to explore, and to evolve. We are Brothers and Sisters.

Welcome Home.

Thank you for being a part of this vision. Thank you for loving to love.

Get Monk’d.